Green Bay fans ready for rematch

CREATED Dec 30, 2012 - UPDATED: Dec 30, 2012

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MILWAUKEE - The fans wanted a win Sunday, but they'll use this loss as motivation.

Some families connect over Sunday dinner. For Mike Batson's family, it's a different Sunday tradition.

"Oh, it's football," daughter Erin Kumza says. "It's the Packers all the way. All the way."

They meet up every week at Mulligan's in Franklin to root on the Green and Gold together.

"Like it better when they win," Mike Batson, Sr. says.

A tie game down to the final seconds with a bye on the line brought out the passion in the whole family.

"You know, it was a good game," Mike Batson, Jr. says. "The Packers are a better team, but they didnt really show it."

The elder Mike thinks the outcome would have been different had the Packers not fallen behind early. The younger Mike points to Minnesota's Adrian Peterson.

"They wouldn't really have the points on the board without Peterson," Batson, Jr. says.

But the whole gang agrees that it could be a good thing the Packers didn't earn a first-round bye.

"Last year they got the first round bye then lost the playoffs so its hard to tell."

Other fans agree.

"We won the Super Bowl without it," Barry Wolcyk says. "The Giants won without having that first-round bye. I don't know. It's just good to have your guys playing every week."

They're confident next week's rematch with the Vikings will bring the Packers a step closer to a Super Bowl.

"Lambeau its such a hard place to win," Batson, Sr. says.