More snow means more winter weather fun

CREATED Dec 28, 2012

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More snow means more winter weather fun

The cold weather is good for spots like the ice rink at Red Arrow Park in Milwaukee, but it's the white stuff that really let's us know winter has arrived. And with only one real snow storm to speak of so far, folks at Sunburst in Kewaskum are excited for the second round.

Steve Voss, General Manager Sunburst Ski Area: "We like about 2 inches every Thursday, just to keep it fresh in your backyard at home, make you think that we're still here."

And the hill was packed Friday with people ready to strap on their skis and snowboards.

Lauren Straehler is an avid skiier, and says new flakes just plain make it nicer.

Lauren Straehler: "It was pretty icy before the snow storm and now it's a lot better with all the new powder and it's fun to carve on."

Ski patrol says it helps folks get their "ski legs" back after a long break. And the good times are just getting started, with plenty more to come with every falling flake.

Steve Voss: "This is what we live for. We're in the business to have fun."