New details emerge surrounding the murder of Officer Jennifer Sebena

CREATED Dec 27, 2012

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We are learning more about the moments Wauwatosa police officers realized one of their own was in trouble and what led to the arrest of Ben Sebena.

After no response at 4:24 Christmas Eve morning, Wauwatosa police knew officer Jennifer Sebena might be in danger.

Radio Call:

Officer: I think she is at FD 1. I am going to go check on her.

Dispatcher: 10-4 Or if anybody has her cell can they send me that?

Sebena's body was found in the fire department parking lot.

Radio Call:

Dispatcher: From Wauwatosa, they are requesting back up.  1601 Underwood Avenue. For an ambush.  Officer down.

The focus immediately turned to finding evidence, including video.

Radio Call:

Dispatcher: There is cameras. Is this in the parking lot?

Officer: Affirmative, it's in north parking lot.  We need to get someone on that video immediately."

At a press conference Thursday, authorities were tight-lipped about details.

David Spakowicz is with the Department of Justice: "I'm not going to expand on more than what's in the criminal complaint at this time."

In that criminal complaint, Sebena's husband Ben called the police department around 6:30 that same morning saying he wanted to check on his wife's well being. Officers asked him to come in. He was left alone in a room, but being recorded. A detective says he heard Sebena say to himself “How could I do that to her." He was later taken into custody. Two days later, Sebena admitted to killing his wife on Christmas Eve.