A Brookfield mom fears her son may die in his sleep

CREATED Dec 26, 2012

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BROOKFIELD - A Brookfield mom fears her son may die in his sleep. But there's something that could help. It's a dog named Sunny.  A heartwarming story that inspired local families to help out.

Whether it's playing basketball with his family, playing with Ashton or being a big brother...12-year-old Nathan Hatch tries to live a normal life.

Two years ago Nathan was diagnosed with Addison's disease and diabetes--a combination that can be deadly if his blood sugar levels aren't constantly monitored.

The whole family is trained as first responders--in case Nathan goes into a severe attack.  New hope for Nathan!

The family is working to buy an alert dog named "Sunny" from the "National Institute for Diabetic Alert Dogs"... Based in California.  The only problem?  The dogs run about $18,000.

Thanks to generous viewers who saw this story, the Hatch's were able to quickly get the rest of the money they needed to purchase "Sunny." He may come here early next year.