Tosa Officer Murdered

Authorities look for clues in murder of police officer in Wauwatosa

CREATED Dec 25, 2012

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WAUWATOSA - There are heavy hearts for a fallen police officer who was *gunned down* on Christmas Eve. 

Officer Jennifer Sebena is being remembered as a great person and officer.

She was shot several times. Now the State Department of Justice is investigating.

There's an active search to find the killer.  Police spent Christmas Eve searching for clues all along Wauwatosa Avenue. While at the same time they're mourning the loss of their fallen sister in blue.

Officers spent the early part of Christmas Eve with guns drawn, searching yards in the area where Sebena was found.

"Our hearts are really heavy, you just can't believe something like this occurs," said Wauwatosa Police Lt. Gerald Witkowski.

People in Wauwatosa are equally as shocked. "I'm just shocked where does the violence end," said Paul Christman.

Christman, like many, watched in disbelief as  officers from several agencies closed several blocks around  his house.  "It's just hard to believe in the small town of Tosa, it's doesn't matter if you're in Brookfield, Tosa it doesn't end," Christmas said.

The investigation shows Tosa police lost communication with officer Sebena for nearly two hours. Officer sebena was patrolling alone.

"They were out looking for her because she had not responded," Lt. Witkowski said.

She never radioed for help. At some point a fellow officer found the 30 year-old rookie near a parking lot.

"I can't imagine being him i just can't, how he felt what he thought," Christmas said.

Sources say she was on the ground outside a fire sub-station.

Police wont's say if she fired any rounds or even if the murder happened where they found the body.  But after a massive search of the neighborhood they tell neighbors there's no risk to them at this point and time.

That's little comfort for Christman.  "I believe there's a threat."

Neighbors are worried because there's no description of a shooter and police have no concrete leads.

Authorities are asking to anoyone in the community to call their tipline at 414-771-TOSA if they know anything.