Last minute Christmas shoppers pack the stores

CREATED Dec 24, 2012

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WAUWATOSA - As the clock wound down until Christmas and stores started to close for the holiday, shoppers scrambled to get everything finished.

At the Wauwatosa Target, it was busy in the waning hours.  Be they strategic shoppers or folks who just forgot what day it was, procrastinators put the finishing touches on their pre-christmas purchasing.

"Sometimes the creative juices don't start flowing, until they're forced to move," said Temeka Stanley.  She's one of many shoppers rushing to cross off their Christmas lists.  But she won't let the stress get to her.

"Parking has been good. It's good to be within a body of people who are just grateful and hopeful for the season to come," Stanley said

Retailers aren't the only hotspots.

The Post Office was packed too.  "Everything for the last moment and the last minute!,"  Said Evelyn Hidalgo.  Well-intentioned family members flocked to post offices. Hidalgo sent a gift to her mom in Puerto Rico.

"I work everyday and I work at different hours too, and I didn't have time to send a package to my mom. It's tough! Yes!"

Even if the presents are purchased and packed, you still have to feed a family this christmas.  That meant the grocery stores were packed too.

"We always have beef and chicken and chocolate fondue," Said Viki Olsen.  She was doing some last minute shopping at a local Pick 'n Save.

"I'm done with the shopping, and we have everything organized for the kids and the grandkids, so i'm looking forward to a fun week with my family," Olsen said.

Most places closed at six, although a few stayed open past that.