Starting tomorrow, we get more daylight with each passing day

CREATED Dec 21, 2012

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As we dig out of the first major, or frankly even minor snowfall of the Winter season, take heart. Today is the Winter Solstice, the astronomical start of the new season.

Today is the shortest day of the year with sunrise at 7:20am and sunset at 4:20pm. For us, the sun is
now at its Southern most exposure with the least direct rays pointed at the Northern Hemisphere. That’sthe primary reason we experience colder temperatures this time of year since the sun can’t do its job and warm us as effectively.

Here’s the good news for those who like more daylight: from this point forward our days will continue
getting longer, though in very, very small increments until our Summer Solstice next June. That will be
the exact opposite of today, the longest day of the year.

As a side note, meteorologists consider December 1st the start of Winter, but that’s primarily for record keeping purposes.