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Family of Meania Jones wants peace of mind

CREATED Dec 19, 2012

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MILWAUKEE - The family of Meania Jones wants peace of mind.

Police in Milwaukee are still looking for the person who gunned a mother of three and her boyfriend at a north side home.

The house near 38th and Thurston is still boarded up. Police found Meania and Cleveland Walker murdered back on April 26, 2011.

"She's gone and for what, for what?" asked Gail Jones, the victim's mother.

The investigation shows someone was likely invited into the house and that person opened fire.

"I haven't really broke down because I've been trying to be strong for my kids and my grandchildren," said Jones.

Meania leaves behind three children included a child she shared with Walker.

The grandmother said they are all having a hard time coping with the loss.

"Just not having the full understanding as to why someone would want to do this is hard," explained Tanaka Neely, Jones' sister.

Police said they did find drugs at the crime scene.

But the family stresses Jones was only visiting the house. Detectives tell us Jones was not the intended target.

The family is hoping the community will step up and help crack the case.

"If you have any kind of heart think about the three kids they left behind," said Gail Jones.

Police need tips and a concrete lead. If you can help detectives contact MPD's homicide unit at 414-935-7360