Snow weighs on school administrators

CREATED Dec 19, 2012

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WAUKESHA - Schools are watching the weather reports closely.  Some systems are already cancelling ahead of the storm. Beaver Dam and Jefferson schools are just a couple who have already made the calls. Larger school systems are still waiting.

An impending snowstorm is a student's dream, and a superintendent's headache.

"You're watching the weather just as much as anybody right now? I'm watching, checking it every hour," said Todd Gray, who heads the school system in Waukesha, a spot slated to get more than six inches of snow.

Most snow days, he'll drive the roads himself to see if they're safe before making the call to cancel.

"With the first snowfall, you have drivers who are not used to the icy streets and so on, so that's a concern to me as well," Gray said.

It's a tricky decision for administrators, who tell me the problems don't just end at the morning commute. If the weather worsens, it could be difficult to send students home.

"If there's any question at all, I'm going to certainly err on the side of safety."

Five year old Zekiah Talton and her mom, Andrea, welcome the chance for an extra day off, even with Christmas break a few days away.  "I like to build a snowman!"

"It is Wisconsin, and you look forward to it. It is fun to go out and play in it with the kids," Andrea said.

Parents will no doubt be glued to the TV screens, watching and waiting as administrators make the judgment call.

"If it looks like it's really going to be bad later than 8am, that will really weigh heavily on my decision," Gray said.

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