First winter fun comes with first Milwaukee snowfall

CREATED Dec 18, 2012

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MILWAUKEE - The first snow of the season brings the first chance to have winter fun

The flakes mean winter fun has finally arrived.

Claire Engman: "I like to ice skate and I like to play in the snow."

Kendra Crump: "It's very exciting."

Audrey Engman: "I like lots of snow so you an make snow ball fights and snow angels."

And the mood was set for folks to grab their skates and race to the rink at Red Arrow Park.

Stew Brown: "This is awesome. This is what winter is made of. This is what Milwaukee is all about."

Beau Engman: "We're having a blast. The kids are laughing. I thought it would be like 30 minutes and out. We've been here for 2 hours."

And it was an awfully long wait for the frosty fun. 288 days without the white stuff meant folks were fired up. Ken Schrank and his daughter Isabelle were the first ones to hit the Whitnall Park Slope.

Ken Schrank: "You kind of go down and get that first little bump and then off the big jump there, try to throw some radical tricks."

Whether it's your first run or a family tradition, the first snow can make us all feel like kids.

Olivia Szozda: "It's my favorite part, just watching them go around and pull each other. It's so fun. I love it."

And no better way to celebrate the season than with a smile.

Stew Brown: "It's back. Christmas wouldn't be the same without some snow."