Cars ignore school zone signs

CREATED Dec 17, 2012

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MILWAUKEE - Bill Dorsey has been living near 10th and Walnut in Milwaukee for three years, and he has finally had enough.

"I'm concerned about the neighborhood and our kids," Bill says.

He's concerned because kids at three schools on Walnut Street have to do daily battle with drivers who are oblivious to the fact they are in a school zone.

"A lot of people get off the expressway, doing 60, 70 on the expressway. Then they hit the city and think they can still do that," Bill laments.

It wasn't even the busiest time of day when Speedbusters set up shop here last week, and cars were still screaming past--more than twice the 20 miles per hour limit.

Bill Dorsey has three neices in these schools, and is worried what could happen if one of those cars should get out of control when kids are coming and going, or one of their parents.

He hopes some attention from Speedbusters helps slow this street down.