McCarren details why Packers' McCarthy says Crosby's 'his guy'

CREATED Dec 17, 2012

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GREEN BAY - As the Packers prepare for the playoffs, they have a problem with their kicker.  A major problem.

Mason Crosby has missed field goals in eight straight games, but Newsradio 620 WTMJ Packers color commentator Larry McCarren told "Wisconsin's Morning News" that the Packers' brass is, for now, keeping him on the roster.

"Mike McCarthy already laid down his plan.  He said Mason's his guy," said McCarren.

"They're showing a remarkable amount of patience.  It's really a touchy situation."

McCarren says that Crosby's pre-slump track record has been exemplary, which may be why he's getting extra weeks of life on the roster despite his prolonged malaise.

"If Mason Crosby didn't have the track record and physical ability he's shown over the year, and he's had a record breaking track record, he'd be gone right now," explained McCarren.

"On one hand, you have a guy who has been productive, a guy with a world of ability.  On the other hand, this has gone beyond 'He had a bad day or a bad couple games.' "

What's the solution for Crosby?

"Mason Crosby's got to fix this problem, deep inside, and figure out what's going on and get his old swing back," said McCarren. 

"Whether that's possible over the heat of battle over the course of the season, I don't really know if that's possible."