Fans like Packers' postseason berth

CREATED Dec 16, 2012 - UPDATED: Dec 16, 2012

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MILWAUKEE - There was a lot of hooting and hollering on Brady Street after Sunday's win in Chicago.

There were tense moments inside Brady Steet's World of Beer, at least for Kate Kerner and her friend Tom Hruz.

Kate roots for the Chicago Bears and Tom for the Green Bay Packers.

"I give a lot of grief about Jay Cutler throwing interceptions," Hruz says. "He does that quite often."

Kate wasn't so happy.

"It's actually really tough," Kerner says. "It's not easy being a Bears fan in Milwaukee. You deal with a lot of stuff."

As the Green and Gold secured the NFC North title, Kate prepared to take even more heat.

Tom talked postseason play.

"I just think they have to be mentally tough going in," Hruz says.

"I don't think the Bears will be in the playoffs so that's a great thing, too."

In a Packers season filled with highs and lows, an NFC North championship gives Tom hope. He's thinking Super Bowl.

"This season is a lot more like two years ago than last year," Hruz says.

"Last year, they went 15 and 1. Two years ago they went 10-6, but won the Super Bowl, so I like that."