Aunt says parents would have sought help if they thought he needed it

CREATED Dec 15, 2012

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CRYSTAL LAKE, Illinois - A family member of the Connecticut school shootings describes him as a bright boy and believes if his mother knew he needed help, she would have gotten it for him.

Marsha Lanza, who lives near the Wisconsin-Illinois stateline, says on Friday morning she sent a Facebook message to Adam Lanza's mother, Nancy, and never got a response.

It was hours later that Marsha Lanza heard the news.

Marsha Lanza provides a glimpse of the boy's education.

Marsha says Nancy Lanza ended up home schooling her son, after having issues with his school, but she says she's unsure exactly what those issues were.

Marsha Lanza says she and Nancy had talked about the guns Nancy owned, and that Nancy had purchased them as a means of self defense.

Today's TMJ4's Todd Hicks reports.