Mayor Barrett releases statement on shooting

CREATED Dec 14, 2012

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MILWAUKEE - Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett released a statement on Friday's shooting:

“We are overcome with grief at the enormous loss of innocent lives at Sandy Hook Elementary School today.   My thoughts and prayers are with the families who are facing unimaginable loss, and with the surviving victims and their families who now face a lifetime of healing.

“As a father, I am heartbroken.  As Mayor,  I stand with the President who, earlier today, said that Newton’s children  are our children and we’re going to have to come together to take meaningful action to prevent more tragedies like this, regardless of our politics.

"I have watched in horror as these events have become all too common, including in our own community.

“As a community and a nation, we cannot simply move on from today’s tragedy.  Too many lives have been taken, too many families destroyed.”