Milwaukee group hopes to find shelter for many homeless animals

CREATED Dec 13, 2012

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MILWAUKEE - No home. No shelter. No future. That's the case for thousands of animals put down every year in Milwaukee. 
One-third of the dogs picked up by animal control end up being euthanized in Milwaukee. That's about 1500 dogs so far this year.
But a new local group is hoping to step in to a find shelter for many of those homeless animals.
Kelly Herbold is with the Milwaukee Animal Alliance a new grassroots organization with a Facebook page. 
She thinks to many animals are being euthanized at the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission or MADACC.
"We want our shelter to be a true shelter," said Herbold. "That a stop at MADACC for seven days is just that, a stop for seven days. Then they go on to their forever home."
MADACC takes in more than one thousand animals a month. Most are dogs and cats.
Many end up with their owners, others are adopted or transferred to shelter. 
But every year thousands are put down. A process that can begin after a seven day waiting period.
"We are going to have to look at the residence population whose time is up and we're going to end up euthanizing some of those animals," said MADACC'S John McDowell.
He says they try to save as many animals as possible. McDowell showed us a stray pit bull they are nursing after having its back leg amputated. 
She's up for adoption but McDowell admits pit bulls are a hard sell.
"If I've got a pug or I've got a pit bull; which one do you think you are going to want" asked McDowell. He says the pug is more marketable.
MADDAC Is supported by tax dollars from all the municipalities in Milwaukee County. 
Next week the Milwaukee Animal Alliance will propose its ideas to help find more homes for stray dogs at MADACC's monthly meeting.