Bears' Briggs calls Finley 'Idiot'

CREATED Dec 13, 2012

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Brandon Marshall ripped the Packers Wednesday. (And here)

Also Wednesday, Jermichael Finley called Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher old. 
"He's playing a little slow out there. I don't think they lose too much if he sits down this week."
Urlacher is expected to miss at least three games with a hamstring injury. Today, Bears Pro Bowl linebacker Lance Briggs responded to Finley.
"He's an idiot," said Briggs. "Just suit up and play ball."
"His comments aren't going to change the outcome of the game," he continued. "They aren't going to help him or anybody play better. It doesn't really matter."
On the other side of the ball, Greg Jennings poked fun at Brandon Marshall for challenging the Packers to cover him one on one.
"I think he's smart for saying whatever he said. So I'm going to be smart too," laughed Jennings. "Man! I wish the Bears would play me one on one, man to man!"
"I think that reverse psychology is pretty impressive," Jennings said. "Yeah man, The Bears always playing cover two, man, I think they're scared to not play cover 2!"
All of the back-and-forth is happening as a backdrop to the Packers most important game this season.
"It's a rivalry game, of course, there's a lot of trash talk and a lot of animosity on the field," said Finley, "but at the end of the day we need this win to seal up the division. So it's a must win for us."