Franklin homeowners are irritated with a new tax

CREATED Dec 12, 2012

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FRANKLIN - Some Franklin homeowners feel like their hard earn money is going down the toilet. The end of year property tax bills have arrived in the mail and some don't like what they see.


Residents are upset they are paying hundreds of dollars in sewer costs even though they don’t have a sewer.


David Washkuhn is on a septic system. But his property tax bill this year shows a $243 sewer tax even though he doesn't have a sewer.


Washkuhn and his neighbors say they are satisfied with their septic tanks, they don’t want sewers.


"We just felt it wasn't fair that we have to pay for it, yet we don’t receive any benefits," said Waskuhn.


A couple of years ago Franklin and the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District agreed to expand sewer service in Franklin called the Ryan Creek Interceptor Sewer.  The new tax is part of a regional service fee that all homeowners have to pay.


"I understand the concern people have," said M-M-S-D's Executive Director Kevin Shafer.


Shafer says the benefit to all taxpayers will be higher property values and asking everyone to pay is not unusual.


"It’s just like a school district, you may not have kids going to the school but you pay for school improvements and school taxes."


But Washkuhn and his neighbors aren't buying the one for all – all for one thinking.


"I don’t think we should have to pay for other people's sewers," said homeowner Rex Pipke, "We don’t have sewers."