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'Backpack Bathroom Bandit' steals from Milwaukee-area restrooms

CREATED Dec 12, 2012

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GREENFIELD - When it comes to restrooms you might think it's off limits for thieves, but Greenfield Police are looking to flush out a crook ripping off thousands of dollars from public restrooms in Southeastern Wisconsin.

Since late September, detectives in Greenfield, Brookfield, Peawaukee, West Allis and Milwaukee started getting reports of stolen parts from restrooms at community colleges and fast food restaurants.

Police are looking to identify a man seen in video.

The "Backpack Bathroom Bandit" is accused of stealing automatic flush valves from urinals and toilets.

We're talking about the flashing red light which senses when it's time to flush.

The regional manager of the Arby's in Brookfield said this guy has it several of his stores.

"At first I thought it was a prank but when he hit another store we knew something going on here," explained Eric Peterson.

The problem is so bad its forced Peterson to placed locks on his urinals. 


"I was quite surprised to find out the average price of these range from $400 to $7000 dollars a piece," said Greenfield Sgt, Ray Radakovic.

He says the man has stolen an estimated $30,000 worth of flush valves in the short time.

If anyone thinks this is a problem for the restaurants only police tell you to think again. "A lot of this is your tax dollars.

The MATC campus has been hit several times and it's your tax dollars that paid for those flush valves that went into MATC," said Radakovic.

Police think the guy hangs around college campuses and fast food restaurants because he blends in.

It's believe he carry his tools in the backpack.

If you can help detectives, crack this case, call Greenfield Police at 414-761-5300.