Fire and Police Commission Director discusses Schoen decision

CREATED Dec 12, 2012

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MILWAUKEE - It all started with dash cam video of former Milwaukee Police officer Richard Schoen punching a woman in the back of a squad car.
The Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission originally said Schoen could keep his job, then flip-flopped after a public outcry.
So, why did they change their mind?  Today, we finally got our hands on this 10 page report, explaining their decision.
The report states when they first looked at the case, they put a lot of weight on a couple of things: Schoen's military record, his history with the police department and the incident.
But, there was one big thing they didn't consider:
“They had to look at the additional factors of how this incident affected the Milwaukee police department,” Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission Mike Tobin, says. Tobin was asked if this was an oversight. 'We're still looking at exactly how that happened,” Tobin says.
The commission claims that was the key reason it fired Schoen Tuesday.
'People that are questioning how much influence that the protests have had on the decision. I leave it up to them,” Tobin says.
But, Alderman Bob Donovan doesn’t buy it.
“They made a decision that I believed with outside pressure forced to change their minds and now back peddling trying to justify it," Donovan says.