Brookfield Square baby

CREATED Dec 11, 2012

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BROOKFIELD - An inspiring new chapter in the story of a baby born in a parking lot. The Waukesha dispatcher who helped the parents got a special delivery of her own.


The Waukesha County Communications Center has a little tradition. Anytime a dispatcher helps with a birth, they get a stork pin. And who better to get it from than the proud papa himself.

Scott Goehner was pulled over at Brookfield Square with his wife about to give birth. Dispatcher Bonnie Douglas was on the other end of 911.



Caller: Here, I have to put the phone down for a second.

Dispatcher: OK.

Caller: OK, I don't see the baby yet. 

Dispatcher: OK, that's good.

Today's TMJ4 caught up with the two as they met for the first time.


Bonnie Douglas: "I was very impressed, definitely one of my easier callers that I've had in a high priority situation."


Scott Goehner: "That was one thing I was trying to do was stay as calm as I could."


And it was no easy task. Scott's wife was having heavy contractions and the kid was coming. 



Dispatcher: Sir? 

Caller: Yeah. 

Dispatcher: I understand she wants to stay in the car, but we need to get her on the floor, or on a flat level surface.

Caller: OK.


But with Bonnie's help, the situation somehow stayed under control. And before they knew it, the baby arrived happy and healthy.