Reaction to fired Milwaukee Police officer

CREATED Dec 11, 2012

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MILWAUKEE - A Milwaukee Police officer who punched a handcuffed woman is out of a job again.
This incident inside a squad car got Richard Schoen fired. But the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission reinstated him and then amid major controversy they changed their mind.
"Even Aaron Rodgers drops the balls sometimes, he fumbles it," said Mike Tobin, Executive Director of the Fire and Police Commission. "He throws an interception and when that happens you pick up the ball and keep running and you try to take action to make sure it doesn't happen again."
"Are we going to have government by reason by laws by rules or are we're gonna have government by intimidation," asked Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan
The Police Union President issued a statement saying the union is disappointed in the commission.
There is mixed reaction to Tuesday's decision and this case could be far from over.
The next step for the fired officer could be the courts. Schoen can now appeal the decision. 
City Attorney Grant Langley says he isn't waiting to see if that happens, he tells TODAY'S TMJ4 Reporter Charles Benson he expects it to happen.
At a small prayer vigil outside City Hall, Jeanine Tracy was relieved the Fire and Police Commission reversed its original decision and fired Officer Schoen.
"I thank everyone who has helped me or supported me, help turn the decision," said Tracy.    
It was a punch in the back of police car that landed Schoen in trouble with the Chief who fired him.
The District Attorney did not issue charges after concluding it was "not itself           "criminal conduct" but "clearly not an appropriate application of force..."
Schoen's attorney blamed the second guessing on people who didn't hear the whole story.
"I understand people are upset. I understand politicians are demagoguing this issue," said Jonathan Cermele.
It's not uncommon for officers to appeal their case nor is unprecedented for them to win back their jobs.
Nic Padway was the Chairman of the Fire and Police Commission when the so called Dahmer cops were fired 20 years ago. They later won their jobs and back wages on appeal.
Padway says if Schoen appeals, the whole case will be reviewed and only one person will make the final decision.
"This is a decision by a judge no jury is provided in this review," said Padway.