Grinch steals Christmas money from needy Sheboygan County families

CREATED Dec 11, 2012

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KOHLER - A real life Grinch has hit the Kohler Company Union Hall. Union members say thieves pried open a safe and stole thousands of dollars raised for their adopt a family program.
'Devastated. Absolutely sick to my stomach,” Ellen Schleicher says. She started the program years ago.
Every year, the union adopts several families in need in Sheboygan County.

"Especially at a time like this, this going to hurt could have possibly hurt families. (It) really was very, very hard to stomach."
The sheriff's department is still looking for who broke in and took the cash. The union asked its members to donate and help restore the stolen funds so they can still help families this holiday.
'I’m really proud of our members and even the company reps who supported this,” Union President Dave Boucher says.
Even though the thieves took the money, they left the donated toys for the children.
That makes some members wonder who could have done this.
'I don't really want to speculate, but I think someone knew. They knew where to go,” Schleicher says.
They say it's an awful feeling knowing the holiday may not have happened for those who needed it the most.
"I just hope that whoever did this - just feels really bad about what they did,” Schleicher adds.
Tuesday, the union gave the newly collected money and toys to the county's health and human services department for families in need.
If you have any information, you are asked to call the Sheboygan County Sheriff's Department.