UW approves extra cash for Alvarez to coach Rose Bowl

CREATED Dec 11, 2012

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MADISON - The University of Wisconsin and UW Regents have approved a one-time compensation piece for Athletic Director Barry Alvarez to coach the Rose Bowl.

Alvarez will make an additional $118,500 for returning to the field on a one-game basis for the game on Jan. 1 vs. Stanford.

UW Regents announced that Alvarez would get 90 percent of former coach Bret Bielema's monthly salary of $195,000 and ten percent of his normal salary as athletic director $8,500.

He would then make $203,500 in December - $118,500 more than he would normally make in a month for his job as AD.

Alvarez could also receive a $50,000 bonus if the Badgers win the Rose Bowl.

Deputy Athletic Director Sean Frazier will be taking on additional roles during the month to free Alvarez for coaching duty.

Alvarez is also conducting a search for a permanent replacement for Bielema after he left to coach the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Alvarez coached the Badgers to Rose Bowl titles during the 1993, 1998 and 1999 seasons.