Legalize marijuana in Wisconsin?

CREATED Dec 10, 2012

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MADISON - Colorado and Washington states recently legalized recreational use of marijuana.  Will that ever happen here in Wisconsin?

"The winds of change aren't going to stop at the Wisconsin border," Gary Storck of Madison NORML told Wisconsin's Afternoon News.  "In five to ten years, there could be 20 states with legal marijuana."

AUDIO: Click to hear Storck on Wis. Afternoon News

Wisconsin could suffer 'brain drain' if state lawmakers don't consider legalization, according to Storck.

Others disagree. 

"I'm mostly concerned with marijuana access to youth," said Claudia Roska, the executive director of the Addiction Resource Council.  "Youth access to drugs increases the chance of substance abuse later in life."

AUDIO: Click to hear Roska on Wis. Afternoon News

Pewaukee Police Chief Ed Baumann called the idea hypocritical.

"We sit and talk about the perils of tobacco, yet we want to legalize marijuana?" Baumann asked.  "That's ridiculous."