Milwaukee Alderman calls for mental evaluation of reinstated police officer

CREATED Dec 10, 2012

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MILWAUKEE - A Milwaukee alderman wants answers about a controversy involving a Milwaukee Police officer as the Fire and Police Commission prepares to meet tomorrow.

Milwaukee Police officer Richard Schoen was fired for punching and slapping a handcuffed woman, but the Commission reinstated him last week.

Now Alderman Joe Davis wants to know if that officer is  mentally ready to get back to work.

"Was there any concerns with officers schoen's mental health status?" Davis asked during a news conference announcing his request.  "I think mental health issues are very important."
Davis is also questioning whether the Milwaukee Police Department conducted a required mental evaluation of Officer Schoen. 

"I want to air on the caution of safety, these issues can become very tragic," Davis added.

Milwaukee Police Association President Mike Crivello, though, says he has no idea what Davis is talking about.

"[Officer Schoen] has not given us any concerns," Crivello said.  "But I'm always concerned about the safety of our officers.  That's why I'm asking these questions."

It's still unclear exactly what prompted the Commission to take another look at Schoen's case.