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'Aaron Rodgers Day' on Wed. leads to charity drive for MACC Fund

CREATED Dec 11, 2012

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  • Aaron Rodgers. | Photo: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Check back tomorrow for a sampling of events across the state and other ways you can get involved in 12/12/12.  Also check out the Sports Auction for MACC, Saturday at 1:00 p.m. on TODAY'S TMJ4 in Milwaukee.

MILWAUKEE - Wednesday brings Dec. 12, 2012 - otherwise known as 12/12/12 - and the State of Wisconsin has chosen to mark it as Aaron Rodgers Day for the Packers QB who wears No. 12.

The day includes statewide parties at bars, malls and even offices, and charity efforts for Rodgers' favorite cause, the MACC Fund.

"I never expected this at all.  It's a testament to the power of Packers fans and what they can do when they get together, said Jennifer Brilowski, a woman from Stevens Point. 

She began the Aaron Rodgers Day movement with a Facebook page.

"I started the page on 11/11/11 as kind of a joke."

The joke quickly went viral.

"The Packers picked it up.  The media got wind of it.  The page really started to grow.  We started raising some money and awareness for the MACC Fund."

The awareness then spread to the Wisconsin State Legislature. 

"The state passed (it) unanimously.  12/12/12 officially became Aaron Rodgers Day in the state of Wisconsin."

Now, people are getting involved at the workplace on 12/12/12 to help the cause Rodgers champions the most.

"Employers are allowing their employees to wear No. 12 jerseys (and other Rodgers gear) if they donate $12 to the MACC Fund," said Brilowski.

Jennifer wants you to get involved.

"My goal is to have everybody donate $12 to the MACC Fund, and see how those little bits can add up."

They'll be adding up among Milwaukee County employees, as the County is allowing them to wear Packers gear if they donate to the MACC Fund.

Just like a quarterback's accolades have added up to creating his own day.

12/12/12 led to "Go Bo!" and special experience with cancer victim

This year, Brilowski's 12/12/12 efforts gave her the chance to encounter a boy from Door County who inspired her, and countless others, with his generous spirit as he journeyed towards death.

"My most powerful experience was meeting Bo Johnson...who unfortunately passed away from a rare form of leukemia at the end of September," said Brilowski.

"I was introduced to Bo through a photo of his "Make-A-Wish" Day at Lambeau Field.  I posted it on the page, asked for his story and was flooded of stories and testimonials to this 13-year-old boy who was told there was nothing more they could do."

"I was able to meet Bo and promise him that through the page, not only would I help the MACC Fund, I would also help his foundation that he established before he passed away, the Go Bo Foundation.

"To see someone so young, with such a powerful message of doing good, wanting to pay it forward, wanting to help the world, even if you're not going to be a part of it any longer, was really the best part of this whole journey.  Bo was a remarkable kid.  The things he was able to do, the lives he's still touching are a testament to, if you want to do good in the world, finding a way to do it."