Milwaukee breaks record for lack of snow

CREATED Dec 10, 2012

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  • We did it! We broke the record for the longest streak between measurable snow in Milwaukee.

MILWAUKEE - Today has been 280 days since the last measurable snowfall in Milwaukee.  That's one day more than in 1999, the previous record holder for the longest stretch of consecutive days between measurable snow in Milwaukee.

"As of midnight we officially broke the record," said Storm Team Forecaster Scott Steele.

Some of you may be thinking there's a lot of snow on the ground near you.  "The records are kept officially at Milwaukee's Mitchell International," Scott says.  Even though snow fell to the north and west of Milwaukee, it wasn't measurable in Milwaukee at Mitchell.

And it's likely we're not just going to break the record, we're going to shatter it.  "It looks dicey getting measurable snow today at Mitchell International.  And once we get past today, it looks like it could be at least seven days out before we see any kind of snow," Scott said.

Milwaukee isn't alone.  A number of cities across the Midwest are setting records for snow droughts.