Milwaukee's snow drought continues

CREATED Dec 9, 2012

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MILWAUKEE - Even with snow at Lambeau Field, there's been no accumulation in Milwaukee.

At Pere Marquette Park in downtown Milwaukee, the holiday lights are up. But, Ashley Santiago still feels like something is missing.

"I miss it," Santiago says.

For now puddles of rain have replaced piles of snow. It's just not cold enough to snow in Milwaukee.

"I do want the snow," Olejwon Jones says. "It helps bring in the season."

It was March 4th the last time it snowed in Milwaukee. We got less than an inch. That means it has been 280 days since city residents have seen a snow plow on the streets of Milwaukee, had to shovel their sidewalks or clean the snow off their cars.

It can be snowing all around Milwaukee, but if it's not snowing here at the airport, the official measuring location, then it doesn't go down in the books as a snowy day. The good news for snow lovers is that all but one of the previous 10 snow drought records ended in December.

But, until it snows in Milwaukee, many here will be thinking it doesn't quite feel like Christmas.