Drivers handle rough commute to Lambeau Field

CREATED Dec 9, 2012

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CEDARBURG - Wet pavement sent cars into ditches Sunday.

Jeff Leppert is facing a long night on slick roads.

"We've got to drive to Eau Claire tonight and that's got seven inches I guess," Leppert says.

That's what many drivers faced as they hit the highways north of Milwaukee Sunday afternoon. The season's first snowfall made driving tricky, especially for people trying to make it up to Lambeau Field for the game.

Along a stretch in Washington and Dodge Counties, there were at least four different crashes. Drivers lost control and ended up in the ditch.

"White knuckle riding in the back seat for sure," Leppert says.

He says this is the first time when defensive driving skills need to kick in.

"Everybody's got to re-adjust to it," Leppert says.

"It being the first one of the year we have to adjust our driving and stuff and it catches a lot of people off guard."

He has advice for new drivers like his 16-year-old daughter or people who may just feel like novices when winter weather hits.

"Everybody just needs to be extra careful."

The Ozaukee County Sheriff's Department says there were no major accidents to report.