Teen charged in deadly home invasion; family of suspect and victims speak out

CREATED Dec 7, 2012

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MILWAUKEE - Two families are at a loss. One family's son is dead. The other's teenage son faces life in prison.  Friday, both families told TODAY'S TMJ4 they want justice.

"Day by day. That's how we're taking it now."

Oliver Henderson's son, Daron Coleman, recently joined the army. He was going to be deployed this month.

"He was a remarkable kid."

But an armed robber shot Daron and his 12-year-old sister inside their north side home last month after holding them hostage. Daron later died. His sister is slowly recovering physically.

"She's improving but the amount of harm that's been done to her - it's going to be a while," said Henderson.

And now a 16-year-old who lives across the street faces life in prison.

Lavarry Johnikin is charged as adult for helping the man who pulled the trigger.

"They don't even have any evidence on him," said Johnikin's sister, Leauntea Johnson. She insists her little brother is innocent and claims the teen never left their home the night of November 9.

TODAY'S TMJ4 reporter Keller Russell:  "But you weren't here for 20 minutes. How do you know that he didn't leave for those 20 minutes?"

Leauntea Johnson: "Because everyone else in the house can vouch for him. My mom was sitting right there in the room across from him."

Johnson claims her brother was in his room playing video games with his twin brother when the shooting across the street happened.

However, Henderson's two children identified Johnikin as one of the robbers. But police are still in search of the shooter.

And Henderson's in search of justice.

"That person across the street -- as a mother - she should be down there (juvenile detention center) every day beating him upside his head making him identify whoever else was involved."

But so far Lavarry Johnikin has refused to to that. Tuesday he'll be in court.