Packers fans vying to be reality TV stars

CREATED Dec 6, 2012

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ASHWAUBENON — Stadium View Bar is a landmark of the stadium district. And it could soon be even more famous. The bar is the site of a casting call for a new reality television show that could be based on the bar and its staff. Packers fans are trying out to be a part of the show, too. Dozens of fans who call themselves the ultimate cheese heads came out Thursday for a chance to be reality TV stars.

Stadium View General Manger Amanda Watson says the bar's word-of-mouth reputation as the place to gather for Packers fans earned an audition for a reality TV series.

"After they got a hold of different fans and heard so much about stadium view, they e-mailed and called us and got Skype interviews,” Amanda Watson said.

Those interviews lead to an open casting call at Stadium View. Owner Jerry Watson says the show would be big for business. He’s auditioning to star in the show along with his son, who works here with his Amanda, the general manager. The couple met while working here.

"We will do what needs to be done to get this show going right, I can be entertaining, I can argue with my kids, I do it all the time,” Jerry said. 

Watson says his bar can be the big reality TV show, but regardless of who stars in it, Amanda says this bar's story is a good one.

"Whether it's going to be based around the stadium view or not, we're obviously hoping that, but i think in general having somebody come in and do this reality series I’m really hoping that everyone just shows up,” Amanda said.

Producers cannot talk about the specifics of the show other than it will be based on the ultimate cheese heads and be focused on life in Wisconsin. The Los Angeles production crew has worked on shows for MTV and the Style cable network. There is no timetable for production to begin.