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Police search for killer in murder of music executive

CREATED Dec 5, 2012

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MILWAUKEE - A night of watching football with family turned deadly in Milwaukee.

A gunman walked up to a house window and firing several rounds.

The victim, Dwight McCoy, had just started his own business, a local record label. But his dream of helping local artists get their break broke apart back on September 11, 2011.

Around Milwaukee, "TLE" or Team Loyalty Entertainment is considered a small record label.

But for Dwight McCoy "TLE" was a dream come true.

"He knew music inside and out," explained Shannon McCoy.

McCoy's sister says he love for music was second only to his love for family.

"My brother, Dwight was very fun loving he enjoyed life. he enjoyed his family and friends," said McCoy.

It was while hanging with his family that the 35-year-old lost his life.

"We were watching the football game and all of sudden there were a couple of gunshots," explained Al Jones.

Jones and his cousin McCoy were inside his house near 54th and Hampton when bullets shattered the back window.

McCoy's back was to the window at the time.

"You have someone or suspects shooting into a room just based on silhouette," said Detective Mark Peterson with the Milwaukee Police Department.

Peterson wants to crack the case because McCoy's family is suffering more than a year later.

Dwight's sister wants justice. "I just can't imagine who would do something like this."

Detectives are determined to find the killer.

The investigation shows someone for unknown reasons intentionally fired the shots into the window.

Dwight's sister, Shannon, believed her brother had no known enemies.

"However, I do feel as if he was a target but the question i have is why," said McCoy.

As police search for answers the family begs the community to call with information.

If you think you have any information that can help crack this case contact MPD's Homicide hot line at 414-935-7411.