Walker explains 'cautious' optimism after Obama 'fiscal cliff' session

CREATED Dec 5, 2012

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MADISON - Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker said in a one-on-one conversation Wednesday morning, with Newsradio 620 WTMJ's Gene Mueller that he has hope about a solution to the "fiscal cliff."

"I'm cautiously optimistic," said Walker on "Wisconsin's Morning News."  "For the sake of the economy, I hope they get something done.  I hope it doesn't have a devastating impact on the economy."

His caution comes from the perception of Washington, D.C. as a town where nothing gets accomplished.

"That's a town that seems to thrive on battles that seem to go endlessly," explained Walker.  "There's a whole town built on the premise of not getting things done in both political parties."

He said that if the federal government goes off the cliff, much of the impact on Wisconsin would be similar to what's felt around the country, although there is a direct stake involving defense contractors in the Badger state.

"You've got defense contractors like Oshkosh...you've got Marinette Marine...those two would be things directly affected, but it also could affect things like Medicaid.  It's the fastest growing part of our budget."

Walker was one of seven Governors who met with President Obama.

"There were seven governors, 4 Republicans, 3 Democrats...it was a pretty normal conversation.  We didn't hammer everything out," said Walker.  "I don't want him to do anything, or not do anything, that would slow down the economy."

President Obama was set to meet with more corporate CEO's on Wednesday about the issue.

It still appears the two sides are still far apart, and at least publicly, it doesn't appear they're anywhere near a table to actually negotiate.