Warm temps put a kink in Little Switzerland reopening

CREATED Dec 4, 2012

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SLINGER - After a half decade being closed, new owners have spruced up the Little Switzerland ski hill in Slinger and reopened it this year.  But the unseasonable weather put a slight kink in the big reopening.

"We had our opening last Friday, we were open Friday and Saturday.  Then due to weather we had to close down," said Mike Schmitz, one of the co-owners.

The beautiful, white snow covered runs are now littered with patches of grass poking through after mother nature was less than cooperative the past few days.

The good news, is that the long term forecast looks much better.  "We'll be turning the guns on tonight again," Schmitz said.  And he thinks they'll be able to make enough snow to reopen as soon as tomorrow.

The ski hill has been totally redone.  The new owners gutted and re-did the lodge.  The chairlifts have had a make over.  And, there's a new state of the art snow making system.  Unfortunately, even the most state of the art snow makers still need cold weather in order to make snow.

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