Brazen burglar leaves Wauwatosa neighborhood on edge

CREATED Dec 3, 2012

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WAUWATOSA - At least three homes in Wauwatosa were targeted by a burglar this past weekend. 

The owners were all home at the time - and one came eye to eye with the man.

The man was in his basement of his home on the 4100 block of N. 99th Street Saturday when he heard someone walking around upstairs.

Emily stodola's husband expected to see her in their home as he walked up  from their basement.

Instead, when he got to the living room he saw a man holding their television.

"The guy said 'Get out of here' and my husband of course said, 'No you get out of here!' Then the guy stepped back and put his hands in his pockets and was threatening to kill him," explained Stodola.

As the confrontation unfolded Emily's two-year-old son slept just down the hall.

"It does create a lot of fear to know someone could just get in your home and possibly do something terrible to you and your family."

Emily said their lights were off upstairs and the front door may have been unlocked. The man left the house as her husband called police. Her husband reported the burglar sat outside in an older blue truck for a few minutes before speeding off.

That same day, Diann Lebow's dogs woke her from a nap -- ferocious with their bark. She wouldn't know why until a neighbor called asking if she'd noticed anything unusual. The neighbor reported someone pried off her window screen in an attempt to get in.

"So I went to my backdoor and saw the pry marks that he made while I was right there at home," said Lebow. "It's very scary."
The man didn't get into Lebow's home. She's since put her security system in high gear. Her house is well lit. And she's adding dead bolt locks.

"This person seems to be pretty brazen. And you know just going right into a home while someone is home just seems like a real scary proposition."

The suspect is described as a heavy set, black man, around 6'2 seen driving an older model, dark blue pick-up.

Other neighbors told TODAY'S TMJ4 they saw a truck matching the description in their area that day.

We were unable to confirm with police if the break-ins are connected.