Man pleads guilty to threat of blowing up Shorewood apartments

CREATED Dec 3, 2012

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MILWAUKEE - A man has pleaded guilty to threatening to blow up an apartment building in Shorewood.

Thomas Yela now awaits his sentence.

When prompted Monday in a Milwaukee courtroom to make his plea to Judge Dennis Moroney, he quietly said, "Guilty."

The threat came in August.

600 people had to evacuate, with some people running from their homes, afraid for their lives.

But Yela admits it was a hoax.

Investigators say Yela admitted he called in the threat because he claimed that the apartment manager disrespected the people who live there.

Police said Yela did not live there, but his mother used to.

Yela also threatened to blow up the Locust Street bridge.

He shall remain behind bars until his sentencing hearing on January 31st.