Kneeland-Walker Holiday House

CREATED Nov 30, 2012

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It's a gem. A keeper of history. A throwback to another time.
The Kneeland-Walker house in Wauwatosa was built in 1890. It's owned by the Wauwatosa Historical Society and is on the National Register of Historic Places.
The Victorian mansion is all aglow with holiday trimmings. Featured this season, the cross-stitching work of Wauwatosa resident Emily Liban.  Her stunning pieces have earned her more than 135 awards. It's a hobby that helped Liban overcome a tough childhood. "Growing up  in foster homes its like I'm able to open up more. Before I was always afraid of people and wouldn't talk to them."
Liban has 62 places on display at the Kneeland-Walker House.  Her colorful creations are vibrant and rich. You can see the pride in her detailed and painstaking work.
If you love the holidays and history, a trip to the stately Victorian home is worth the time. The Kneeland-Walker home is a reminder that respecting our past enriches our lives and generations to come. Liban reflects, "It's kind of nice to know that I've accomplished something, and when I'm dead and gone my artwork will still be around."
For more information on the Kneeland-Walker home and this weekend's open house you can go to this website