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Bank robber on the loose

CREATED Nov 28, 2012

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MEQUON- A serial bank robber hit another area bank.  Police say they know who the robber is but they can't catch him. Today's TMJ4 reporter, Jermont Terry has details from the FBI and Mequon Police on how you can help "Crack That Case." Normally police release images looking to identify a crook but in this case FBI agents say they know who is behind a recent bank robbery. Anthony Taylor is wanted in connection to the September 28,2012 Chase bank robbery located at 5909 W. Mequon Rd. in Mequon. Mequon Police released images of a man who walked in around 4 o'clock in the afternoon.

 "He waits in line and when it's his turn presents a note to the teller," said Detective Andy Fischer. Fischer said the bank which sits about a block from the police station had never been robbed prior to this incident. But on that day in September police said the man did not care about hiding his face. "He's comfortable doing it and he's not worried about being identified," explained Fischer. Agents with the FBI were quick to put a name to the face. "The individual in question is Anthony Taylor," said Special Agent Robert Botsch. The investigation shows Taylor left the bank in just three minutes. But he did not take off running instead he jumped into a car waiting in the parking lot. Investigators found the car and the driver but Taylor they can't find. "The search to locate where he is the more challenging part," said Agent Botsch. The FBI believes Taylor who is 46 years-old hasn't gone far. "We believe Mr. Taylor is still within your viewing area specifically the city of Milwaukee and likely the North Side," explained Agent Botsch.


It turns out Taylor is no stranger to bank robberies. "He was on probation for bank robbery when he committed this bank robbery," said Agent Botsch. In 1996 Taylor was convicted and served time in federal prison for multiple bank robberies. He was released from state prison for robbing another back in 2005. Those robberies were all in Southeastern Wisconsin. Investigators compared Taylor's previous mugshots to the pictures from the Mequon bank and they say it matched. The FBI and Mequon police are concern he may strike again. Especially since there's been a spike in bank robberies across Wisconsin. "In 2011 there were 83 bank robberies statewide. So we have had an uptick this year," said Agent Botsch. One-hundred banks have been hit up, that's a twenty-one percent increase from 2011 and 2012 isn't over yet.

"The economy could be a factor and then in reality the holiday seasons you generally will see an uptick," said Agent Botsch. Investigators want people to take a good look at Taylor's picture and if anyone has information about where he may be hiding out call the FBI. They are reminding people they could receive a reward. As for Taylor Agent Botsch has a message, " We are are eventually going to catch up with you it's always in your best interest to turn yourself in."

While investigators say Taylor only passed a note they can't say he doesn't have a weapon. If you have information contact the FBI at its 24 hour hotline: 414-276-4684. Remember there's a reward and you can remain anonymous.