Dirty Dining

Amelia's cited for three pages of health violations

CREATED Nov 29, 2012

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MILWAUKEE - A popular karaoke spot on the south side is also serving up some "Dirty Dining."

Amelia's, on Layton Avenue across from Mitchell International Airport, brought a good lunch crowd when we stopped by.
It also delivered three pages of violations.
Inspectors cited them for things like cooks not washing their hands with soap and water.  
Instead, they were wiping them on a damp towel.  One cook handled raw food, wiped his hands with a towel and then picked up some bread.
The owner was not there to comment, but told TODAY'S TMJ4's Courtny Gerrish by phone  thathe takes issue with that violation, saying his cooks wash their hands every time.
Cooks were also handling avocados and rolls with their bare hands.  That is not allowed with ready-to-eat food.
Towels used repeatedly to wipe down surfaces were not being rinsed in sanitizer solution.  
Fish being prepped was sitting out at 57 degrees.  The safe cold temp is 41.  
The owner says they've changed things up so the fish stays cold.  
Prime rib was not being held hot enough.  The ice scoop was sticky.
Also, employees were using cups to dish out chicken salad.  Health guidelines require a spoon or scoop to prevent hand contact.
The owner told Gerrish he met with his staff to correct the problems and expects to get the all clear next week on the re inspection.  
To check out Amelia's health inspection history, click here.