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Wild police chase in Waukesha, Walworth Counties

CREATED Nov 26, 2012 - UPDATED: Nov 27, 2012

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ELKHORN - A TODAY'S TMJ4 exclusive: a wild chase caught on tape.  See first hand the harrowing high speeds as police go after a bank robber.

It went through two counties and ended with gunfire.

The bank robber led a state trooper on a chase through hilly backroads at sickening speeds. It started at a small bank outside of Elkhorn and ended in Waukesha County.

Monday, a fellow trooper sat down with us for a play by play of sorts.

"Get me some units up here quick!"

They are words you hear State Trooper Josh Riley radio as he makes contact with a car wanted in an armed bank robbery in Walworth County.

Riley makes a slow approach waiting for backup.

"Let me see your hands right now. Don't move," he orders to the suspect over the P.A. system of his squad car.

Instead, the suspect hits the gas and a high speed chase is on. Trooper Rob Borek watches the video with us to walk us through the tense moments.

"I mean look how terrible that is. He's driving on a hill in a no passing zone."

Borek wasn't working that day, but it's his district and Trooper Riley a friend.

The robbery suspect, Robert Lynn, hits 80 in a 30 mile an hour zone. His car goes airborne flying over a hill.  At several points, Lynn nearly plows into oncoming cars, making even a veteran trooper flinch.

"The first thing I thought when I saw him make this turn was 'Oh my god, this is a crash,' " said Borek as we watch Lynn's car dodge a head-on collision.

Shortly after you see the suspect blow through a stop sign. A school is just feet away. It wasn't his first fly-through.

TODAY'S TMJ4 reporter Keller Russell: "At what point is it too dangerous to keep pursuing?"

Trooper Borek: "I mean, you have to evaluate what you're trying to stop him for. Is it a traffic violation? A burnt out tail light? I mean this guy robbed a bank, he showed a weapon. He threatened people with a firearm. You can't really let someone like that go."

The suspect tries to ditch the sirens driving through a public park. Shortly after, the pursuit ends in gunfire.

A Walworth County deputy shoots when the suspect barrels his car at him to avoid spike strips.

Dashcam video captures the frantic moments of yelling. The Lynn's voice is heard as he talks to officers. When asked where his gun is, Lynn replies, "In the glove compartment."

TODAY'S TMJ4 reporter Keller Russell: "What do you think when you watch this?"

Trooper Borek: " I'm glad I wasn't in on this one to be honest with you."

The Waukesha District Attorney ruled the Walworth County deputy was defending himself when he shot suspect, Robert Lynn. Lynn survived and is charged with multiple crimes related to the robbery.