Racine homeowner causes flap over upside-down flag

CREATED Nov 22, 2012

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RACINE - Many people may call a Racine homeowner's silent protest un-patriotic or un-American.

Dennis Montey is flying the American flag upside down in front of his house.

"This is actually a legal use of the flag.  It is a signal of distress," explained Montey to TODAY'S TMJ4's Tom Murray.

"This is my silent representation that our government, our United States, is in distress and we need help."

He says he is a libertarian upset with politicians on both sides, broken promises and rising taxes.

When asked about what he would say to people who call his protest un-patriotic, he responded, "I would say it's freedom of speech."

Montey says he has always flown a flag in front of his house, but it is the first time he's flown it upside down.