Local Hostess fans hope company rebounds

CREATED Nov 19, 2012

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MILWAUKEE - It may not be the end of the Twinkie after all.

A New York judge may be the prince on the white horse for Hostess fans. The union and company managers agreed to a private mediation.

And that could mean the return of the Twinkie.

On the shelves of Shorewood's Oakland Street Pick n' Save, just a handful of Hostess products linger. Remnants of shoppers rush to pick up their piece of nostalgia after the company announced it would call it quits.

"I was surely disappointed."

But news Monday has local shoppers like John Blohm, hopeful.

"I understand it's a political thing."

Hostess managers and the union representing its bakers agreed to go back to the bargaining table in a private mediation.

The judge made the suggestion with hopes the 18,000 jobs at stake can be saved. A loss that sickens Blohm.

"It's a travesty for the people, especially how nice for Thanksgiving," quipped Blohm.

Other consumers we spoke with feel the snack cake maker has run its course.

Dave Mangin believes more focus should be put on the heart of the matter:  Health.

"I really dot think that jobs are an excuse for bad industry and so just because its good for the economy doesn't mean its good for the population as a whole."

When news of the Twinkies death broke, fans turned to e-Bay hoping to cash in on it as a souvenir of sorts.

Tonight we found a box of 10 listed for a million bucks.