Medical College plans sites in Green Bay area

CREATED Nov 19, 2012

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GREEN BAY, WI -- The Medical College of Wisconsin is expanding to the Green Bay area, and they have definite plans for a location. 

St. Norbert College will be the host site, with medical students sharing with other colleges. For many this means even better medical care, and more doctors in Northeast Wisconsin.
St. Norbert is taking the lead on the new medical college. The school's president said training doctors and nurses here will help everyone. 
“Anyone who lives here is going to benefit from this,” said Tom Kunkel, President of St. Norbert College. “The whole point is to put more doctors, especially primary care physicians into this region.”
They're expanding their Science building to make room for the Medical College. 
- 16,000 sq. ft. of renovated space for biomedical and behavioral research and research training.
- 8 state-of-the-art classrooms
- 18 teaching laboratories
- 16 student-faculty research laboratories
- office space for 34 faculty, plus support staff
- spaces for students & faculty to meet in small groups
- numerous spaces for students to do individual & group study
The students will get to work with physicians from hospitals around Green Bay, and other colleges. 
“We may be at the hub, but everybody is going to be involved,” said Kunkel. 
Everyone including Bellin College, where students will get to work with simulators for all types of medical scenarios. 
“You name it, we can create it in a safe environment,” said Connie Boerst, President and CEO of Bellin College.
Training nurses to be one step ahead. 
“To be able to have that opportunity to educate, it's just going to be outstanding,” said Boerst. “It shows us that Green Bay and the region is a leader.” 
That's exactly what the Medical College wants, saying the area will play an important role. 
“We're going to need all of the community of Green Bay to pull together and we're going to need all hospitals and academic institutions to really participate,” said Dr. Joseph Kerschner, the Dean and Executive Vice President of the Medical College.  
Besides all of the health benefits added from the partnerships, the Medical College estimates an $11 to $12 million impact on the local economy. It’s all preparing Northeast Wisconsin for the new wave of medicine.