State says hunters report seeing more deer so far

CREATED Nov 17, 2012

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MILWAUKEE - Wisconsin's DNR says this year's gun deer season is going well so far.

"Lots of folks out there are saying they're seeing more deer out there this year than they have in the past and the registration numbers to this point are showing that," DNR Big Game Manager Kevin Wallenfang said Saturday.

And, Wallenfang says they're seeing good antler growth on the deer people are bringing in.  "They're saying that they're registering very few spiked bucks this year, most of the yearlings are showing forked antlers," Wallenfang said.

License sales are up this year.  The DNR says so far they've sold 2% more licenses this year over last.  An interesting trend the state is noticing, more women are buying those licenses.

In addition, the state offered people who have never been hunting, or haven't been in a while licenses for just 5 dollars.  It has sold 25,703 of those licenses.  And the state says 32 percent of those went to women.

On the first day it has one report of an incident in which a hunter had to go to the hospital in Manitowoc County.  There were also two reports of tree stands falling.

Wisconsin's nine day gun deer season runs through next weekend.