Milwaukee Sheriff's department investigating another wrong way driver

CREATED Nov 17, 2012 - UPDATED: Nov 17, 2012

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MILWAUKEE - It's happened again.  Another wrong way driver on Milwaukee County Freeways.  

The Sheriff's Department says the driver was traveling westbound in the eastbound lanes of I-794 and I-94 in downtown Milwaukee at about 2:37 Saturday morning.  They are still looking for the driver.

There is video footage, but its not being released yet.  Investigators are also following up on witness reports.

This is the 32nd recorded wrong way driver on the Milwaukee freeway system in the past year.  "The numbers are quite high," said Fran McLaughlin of the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office.

This latest incident comes as a new system is being put in place to keep you safer on Milwaukee County freeways.  Crews started installing the new technology on exit ramps to deter wrong-way drivers before they get on the freeway.  The system will also warn other drivers and police.



"We can hope that when the installation is complete on the new technology that might help make a difference and alert us to those incidents so that we can respond as quickly as possible," McLaughlin said.