Man attacks woman jogging on Oak Leaf Trail

CREATED Nov 16, 2012

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MILWAUKEE - The search is on for a man who attacked a woman on a popular Milwaukee

running trail. The woman says she was groped while out for a run on the Oak Leaf Trail.

"I'm just really surprised."

The trail along Milwaukee's lake front is a stretch runners like Ashley Frahm treasure.

So naturally, news of an attack on the popular route has them stunned.

"This is crazy busy especially with all the students who park along here," said Frahm.

He's described as about six feet tall with blonde, curly, shoulder-length hair and jagged teeth. Possibly in his 30s.

The man came up to the woman, on a bicyle. He grabbed her, fondled her, then ran away when she fought him off.

It happened Wednesday morning in the 3100 block of Lincoln Memorial Drive.

Police released information Friday.

Jaime Jacoby is a longtime runner and works with other runners at "InStep" running and walking center.

"A common mistake that a lot of runners will do is to wear headphones and music when they're running," said Jacoby. She says cranking up the tunes can make you an easy target.

She suggests runners imagine how they'd defend themselves

"Having  that confidence in what you would do would really help you in a situation if someone were to come at you."

Ashley Frahm plans to be extra vigilant from now on when runnnig alone.

"I'm definitely going to think twice about coming out at dark, especially when you hear about it happening (the attack) in the morning."

In a statement, investigators say they don't believe this incident is connected to any other attacks right now.

Anyone with information related to the attack is asked to call the Milwaukee Police Sensitive Crimes Unit at 414-935-7405.