Program teaches young kids how to handle an emergency

CREATED Nov 15, 2012 - UPDATED: Nov 15, 2012

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MILWAUKEE- It was the drowning death of Jean Davidson's four-year-old grandson Ryder, that moved Jean Davidson to start Yell and Tell.

The program teaches kids how to react in an emergency.  Davidson explains, "Four steps: See something dangerous, feel scared, yell help, and tell a big person."

Ryder was with a friend the day he drowned.  Davidson believes that if a friend had found an adult quickly, her grandson might be alive today.

Now, Davidson is comforted that Yell and Tell is in schools all over the world.

The granddaughter of the founder of Harley Davidson just got back from Colorado.  She was summoned to teach her program in wake of the brutal abduction and murder of a young child. Her goal was to empower kids. She notes, "The message is you need to take action and be proactive."

The Harley heir admits the only time she uses her famous name is for her program, which keeps expanding. "I did a session with Aurora hospital. I'm so excited."

And even more great news for Jean Davidson, Ryder's dad has welcomed a new baby son. Nine-month-old Cooper will grow up knowing how his late brother's legacy is saving lives.