Parents concerned over suspicious man near Hartland North Elementary School

CREATED Nov 15, 2012

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HARTLAND- Panic set in for parents after learning the Hartland North Elementary School went into lockdown.

Neighbors were also frightened after spotting a suspicious man get out of his car with a gun.

"I saw this guy that I thought had a rifle and I thought 'no that can't be a rifle,'" says one witness.

This women says she was in disbelief after watching a middle-aged man step out of his car -- in his hands what appeared to be a rifle.

"He pulled his car on to the bike path right there between North Avenue and the bridge and he was walking towards the woods," says that witness.

The location is across the street from Hartland North Elementary School.  Children also spotted that man and told school leaders, forcing the school into lockdown.

School leaders counted off each of the students as they left the building after school. They were taken home by either their parents or put on their normal buses.