Oak Creek shooting

Two children honored for role in Oak Creek Sikh temple massacre

CREATED Nov 15, 2012 - UPDATED: Nov 15, 2012

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LAKE GENEVA- Two brave children of the Oak Creek Sikh temple shooting were honored Thursday by the Yell and Tell organization at St. Francis de Sales in Lake Geneva.  Yell and Tell teaches children to yell and tell whenever they are in a dangerous situation or need help.

Abhay Singh and his sister Amanat did the right thing when gunman Wade Page showed up at the Sikh Temple in Oak Creek and started shooting.

The kids ran inside to tell adults about the dangerous situation.

"It was scary and difficult to handle right after the shooting happened," Amanat said.

Six people died when the gunman opened fire on the congregation.  She and her older brother helped save lives by warning others.  Abhay said he had never been taught what to do in a dangerous situation but he knew what to do that day.

"I didn't think about going anywhere else," Abhay said. "I just thought about going to the kitchen to warn everybody else there."

Abhay and Amanat's parents are very proud of their heroic action.

Benny Singh, their father, said, "we never talked to them about this kind of situation but I think God gave them wisdom."

Yell and Tell has honored about 100 kids as heroes since it began five years ago.